Welcome to the Omaha Young Republicans

Club Officers

President Erin Northwall
Vice President Chris Chappelear
Treasurer Andrew Northwall
VP of Membership Ian Swanson
VP of Communication Danielle Forsgren

You can contact the Club Officers at


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The Young Republicans of Omaha chapter of the Federation is a vibrant group which plays an integral role in providing the grass roots support in the Omaha area for federal, state, and local Republican candidates. The Young Republicans of Omaha also serve the very important role of providing a social outlet for Republicans under the age of 40 to network and make known their interest in politics.

The goal of our group is to gather and keep informed as many Omaha Young Republicans as possible. We encourage you to join even if you do not have the time or ability to attend monthly meetings or volunteer opportunities.

Although Nebraska enjoys Republican leadership from our Governor, three Congressman, a United States Senator, all state constitutional offices, and numerous legislative and local offices, we must remain diligent to preserve the offices we have and earn the offices we do not. This work starts with your involvement in the Young Republicans. Fill out the Membership Form if you interested in joining the Young Republicans of Omaha.




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