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March Meeting

The Omaha Young Republicans are honored to announce that author, columnist, entrepreneur, and commentator Katie Kieffer will be speaking at our March meeting.  


Katie is the author of Let Me Be Clear: Barack Obama’s War on Millennials and one Woman’s Case for Hope.  This book highlights many of the issues that we as young professionals and young Republicans are facing with the administration of Barack Obama and provides lessons and solutions to allow us to reach our goals.  

Please join us on Tuesday, March 10 to hear Katie speak.  The meeting will be held at Big Fred’s Pizza, 1101 S 119th Street, at 7 PM, 6:30 social.  

Letter to Senators

Part of our mission is to advocate.

We have written a letter to our Senators regarding the Healthcare Tax.

The Honorable Deb Fischer
United States Senate
383 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable Ben Sasse
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Vernon Joesph
Omaha Young Republicans
4970 S 86th Pkwy
Omaha, NE 68127

RE: Repeal of the Health Insurance Tax

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dear Senator Fischer and Senator-elect Sasse,

I write to you today as both a concerned constituent and as President of the Omaha Young Republicans. There is growing concern about the health insurance tax as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. This tax is resulting in increased coverage rates for many young Nebraskans.

I am also a multiple wage earner with disappointment in the employer mandate. My FULL TIME job offers me health insurance, there is no need for my PART TIME employer should be required to offer me insurance. 7 out of 10 of my co-workers have insurance through their primary employer or spouse. An additional 1 out of 10 are minors covered under their parents. This is driving up the cost of doing business in Nebraska & across the country.

Actuarial consulting firm Oliver Wyman estimates over a 10-year period the tax will add $6,800 to the cost of family health insurance coverage. And the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimates an additional $350-400 increase to family premiums in 2016. Young Nebraskans who are beginning their careers, paying down student loans, purchasing their first home, and starting a family cannot afford additional increases to already skyrocketing health insurance costs.

Furthermore, the National Federation of Independent Business estimates the tax will result in job losses totaling 146,000 – 262,000 jobs by 2022. Additional job loss on top of an already dismal employment market could be devastating to America’s young people.

Please work to repeal the health insurance tax to ease the burden on Nebraska’s young people.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Vernon Joseph

Events This Weekend

Joni Craighead for Nebraska Legislature is going door to door this weekend. She has extended an invitation to the Omaha Young Republicans:

See information below:

We need your help!

Super Sunday walk, this Sunday, October 26. Meet at Northstar Campaigns, 11421 Davenport Street at 1 p.m.

Davenport Street is the first stoplight south of 114 and Dodge. Northstar is directly across the street south from
the Green Onion.

We’ll give you your list. Plan on 1.5 – 2 hours.


Thank you –

Joni Craighead

Generation Opportunity is hosting a Millennial Happy Hour on Friday 10/24/2014. Visit to find out more information & RSVP

Nebraska GOP Lace ’em Up! Events

We have the opportunity…

  • For a new Republican Governor who will begin January 2015 with a Unicameral having many more newly elected conservative State Senators.
  • To take Legislative Districts and turn them from Democrat to Republican and build a stronger conservative base in the

We are taking our opportunity…

  • By successfully fundraising. Our party nance team is having great success across the state in support of our nine toughest races for the Unicameral. Donors recognize that a conservative candidate’s election from eastern Nebraska benefits everyone, everywhere.

Now is your opportunity…

To add the last piece. Candidates need you to lace ‘em up and:

  • Walk door to door
  • Make phone calls
  • Place yard signs
  • Address post cards

You are needed. Your GOP is making it easy. Come to a Unicameral Shoeleather Project session, get successful training tips, meet the candidates, select one or more to help, and get going. Please join us…

In Omaha:

Monday September 22nd
10409 Essex Ct. Lower Level
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Candidates: Gwenn Aspen, Joni Craighead, Merv Riepe, Brett Lindstrom, Tommy Garrett, John McCollister

In Lincoln:

Wednesday September 24th
1610 N St. NEGOP Headquarters
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Candidates: Dallas Jones, Laura Ebke, Brent Smoyer

Register with Joyce or Bud by phone or e-mail.

Joyce: 402-376-6600

Bud: 402-475-2122

The NEGOP Lace ’em Up! flyer.

New Omaha Young Republicans Executive Board

On Tuesday 09/09/2014 elections for the 2015 – 2016 Omaha Young Republicans Executive Board were held.

The new board is:

Vernon J Davis – President
Ben Boll – Vice President
Chris Chappelear – Treasurer
Erin Northwall – VP of Membership
Spencer Head – VP of Communication

We will work hard to make sure that the Omaha YR’s are working hard to get Republicans Elected in Omaha, Douglas County, & across the state of Nebraska.
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Opportunity to Call for the Lee Terry Campaign

We have endorsed Lee Terry for election in 2014.

His campaign has reached out to us.

They have set up two opportunities for us to make calls.

Young Republicans/ Young Professionals Call Night
Every Tuesday
Pizza Included
Reception Starts at 5:30 PM
Calls Start at 6:00 PM
At the GOP Victory Office
10404 Essex Court (Lower Level)

Women Call Night
Wine & Cheese Reception
Join Team Terry for Ladies Call night
Every Thursday until victory in November
Reception starts at 5:30 PM
Calls start at 6:00 PM
At the GOP Victory Office
10404 Essex Court (Lower Level)

The Lee Terry campaign is making calls Monday – Thursday.

If you can't make it on a Tuesday or Thursday, stop by & lend a hand.

Also if you aren't a member of the Nebraska Young Republicans or one of our clubs. Visit to get signed up today.

Omaha Young Republicans: Grow-Up and Stop the Pettiness

May 27, 2014
Vernon J Davis, Omaha YR VP Communications
(402) 516-4401

Omaha Young Republicans:
Grow-Up and Stop the Pettiness

(Omaha, NE) "The Omaha Young Republicans believe that Congressman Lee Terry is the only choice in this election who represents the conservative principles we believe in. It is extremely disappointing that a discussion is taking shape where personal and political ambitions are being advanced at the expense of what’s best for our entire community. That’s the kind of politics that has driven younger voters away and disappointed in the current system.

"What we care about are issues that will impact our generation going forward – the future of our current retirement system, making America more energy secure and creating jobs for new college graduates. Congressman Terry has been our champion in Washington and we will rally around him to ensure he can continue to be our voice in Congress.

"On May 13th the Republican primaries ended and Congressman Terry was again chosen by Republican voters in Nebraska's Second Congressional District to be our party's standard bearer. We have always stood with Congressman Terry and we will continue to stand with him. The Omaha Young Republicans hope that we can come together, put pettiness and politics aside and support Congressman Terry in November."

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A chance to connect with Congressman Lee Terry

A chance to connect with Congressman Lee Terry

Congressman Lee TerryThe Omaha Young Republicans encourage you to take the opportunity to connect with your representatives in meetings across Omaha & the Metro area.  Congressman Lee Terry, will be hosting meetings in the area during the Congressional Recess.  The town hall format is a great way for you to communicate your concerns.  Congressman Lee Terry looks forward to hearing from you and discussing the issues facing our country. link

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New Omaha YR Leadership for 2011-12

The new Omaha Young Republican Executive Board assumed leadership of the Omaha Young Republican Club.  At the September Meeting, the members of the Omaha Young Republican Club elected the 2011-12 administration of the club. 

President Brandon Petersen
Vice President Candice Stoneff
Treasurer Matt Pinkerton
VP of Membership Bryan Baumgart
VP of Communication Kaylyn Krzemien

The Omaha Young Republicans have a strong start in preparing for the 2012 election.  Brandon Petersen was re-elected the Omaha YR President, "Our membership is positioned to make a significant difference in upcoming elections.  We have a very talented and strong membership.  We will take that potential and make a positive difference in our community."