Opportunity to Call for the Lee Terry Campaign

We have endorsed Lee Terry for election in 2014.

His campaign has reached out to us.

They have set up two opportunities for us to make calls.

Young Republicans/ Young Professionals Call Night
Every Tuesday
Pizza Included
Reception Starts at 5:30 PM
Calls Start at 6:00 PM
At the GOP Victory Office
10404 Essex Court (Lower Level)

Women Call Night
Wine & Cheese Reception
Join Team Terry for Ladies Call night
Every Thursday until victory in November
Reception starts at 5:30 PM
Calls start at 6:00 PM
At the GOP Victory Office
10404 Essex Court (Lower Level)

The Lee Terry campaign is making calls Monday – Thursday.

If you can't make it on a Tuesday or Thursday, stop by & lend a hand.

Also if you aren't a member of the Nebraska Young Republicans or one of our clubs. Visit http://www.nebraskayr.gop/action-center/join-the-yrs/ to get signed up today.

New Domain – NebraskaYR.gop

The Nebraska Young Republicans have taken the opportunity to migrate their website to their own .gop address: www.nebraskayr.gop .  The Republican Party is on the leading edge as the first Political party to get their own TLD extension: .gop. 

The .gop domain is one part of a broader strategy to take a digital advantage as we approach the 2014 and 2016 elections.  The RNC is taking technology seriously.  Earlier this year, the RNC announced the launch of an in-house technology incubator Para Bellum Labs.  The goal is to hire top tech talent to build cutting edge data products and digital platforms for the Republican Party.  

Over the next few years, the Nebraska YR's are excited to see what comes next.  Most importantly, we're excited for widespread Republican victories in the upcoming Mid Term elections!

Jessica Chizek elected as Nebraska YR Chair

2014 Nebraska YR Leadership Election

The Nebraska Federation of Young Republican's State Convention was a great success. We would like to congratulate and thank Brandon Petersen for his leadership over the last two years.

Jessica Chizek is the new Chair. Courtney Ruwe is the Vice Chair. The National Committeewoman is Melissa Dorr. The National Committeeman Is Taylor Gage. The Secretary is Ben Boll. The Treasurer is Chris Chappelear.

Congrats to the new Nebraska Young Republican Executive Board. We look forward to working with you.

Omaha Young Republicans: Grow-Up and Stop the Pettiness

May 27, 2014
Vernon J Davis, Omaha YR VP Communications
(402) 516-4401

Omaha Young Republicans:
Grow-Up and Stop the Pettiness

(Omaha, NE) "The Omaha Young Republicans believe that Congressman Lee Terry is the only choice in this election who represents the conservative principles we believe in. It is extremely disappointing that a discussion is taking shape where personal and political ambitions are being advanced at the expense of what’s best for our entire community. That’s the kind of politics that has driven younger voters away and disappointed in the current system.

"What we care about are issues that will impact our generation going forward – the future of our current retirement system, making America more energy secure and creating jobs for new college graduates. Congressman Terry has been our champion in Washington and we will rally around him to ensure he can continue to be our voice in Congress.

"On May 13th the Republican primaries ended and Congressman Terry was again chosen by Republican voters in Nebraska's Second Congressional District to be our party's standard bearer. We have always stood with Congressman Terry and we will continue to stand with him. The Omaha Young Republicans hope that we can come together, put pettiness and politics aside and support Congressman Terry in November."

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A chance to connect with Congressman Lee Terry

A chance to connect with Congressman Lee Terry

Congressman Lee TerryThe Omaha Young Republicans encourage you to take the opportunity to connect with your representatives in meetings across Omaha & the Metro area.  Congressman Lee Terry, will be hosting meetings in the area during the Congressional Recess.  The town hall format is a great way for you to communicate your concerns.  Congressman Lee Terry looks forward to hearing from you and discussing the issues facing our country. link

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Omaha Election Helps to Shrink Bloomberg Group

The Bloomberg gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), appears to have problems with decreasing membership.  There are several contributing factors, like the recent blunder of MAIG demonstrators reading a list of gun violence “victims”.  This list including at least 10 murder suspects who were killed by police.  Most notably, Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was on the list, sparking widespread condemnation and anger. (read more)

Omaha Votes

On a local level, Omaha voters decided to reduce Nebraska's membership to MAIG by one member, Jim Suttle, on May 14th, 2013.  Buzzfeed reports this has been a noticeable trend across the nation.  Due to resignations and lost elections, Bloomberg's MAIG is finding it harder to keep its membership numbers up.

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Don Walton: Nebraska YR’s win Award

Young Republican National FederationDon Walton of the Lincoln Journal Star mentions the Nebraska Federation of Young Republicans winning the State Federation of the Year Award at the 2013 Young Republican National Convention.  This is a big honor for our YR's, they receive recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Check out the Article: journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/federal-politics/don-walton-waiting-for-shoes-to-fall/article_0e7a040b-b740-5d5a-8d60-91a96664c48b.html

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Nebraska Young Republicans Honored as Federation of the Year at National Convention

(Omaha, NE)  This week, the Nebraska Federation of Young Republicans returned home from a successful Young Republican National Convention in which Nebraska was honored as the State Federation of the Year. Forty-four states sent delegations to Mobile, Alabama from July 10th – 14th to discuss important issues facing the nation and elect a new National leadership team.

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